The Prime Wealth Difference

True Advisors are Rare

There is a big difference between advice and sales recommendations. In other words, a true financial advisor will provide advice and help you implement it. Salespeople make recommendations, for example, buy a particular mutual fund, and collect a commission for the sale.

This difference can be very confusing to people when they select financial advisors who will impact the decisions they make for their retirement assets. Who provides real advice? Who is selling a product?

How big is the problem? A 2015 White House Task Force report estimated that “conflicted advice” costs Americans more than $17 billion per year in excess expenses.

The Prime Wealth Difference

You can trust the advice that is provided by Prime Wealth professionals. We provide advice, we help you implement our advice, and we report the results of our advice. We are there for you every step of the way.

Dedicated Advisors

Who you interact with can have a major impact on your results.

You deserve an advisor who knows you and your concerns, circumstances, time horizons, tolerance for risk, and goals.

You deserve a single point of contact who is responsible for the delivery of all Prime services.

Direct Contact

Do you have a managed money account with managers who you have never met? In the past, you may have used the services of a Wall Street firm. You interacted with a local sales representative, but all of the financial decisions were made in New York. You never met the professionals who made the decisions that impacted your financial future.

At Prime Wealth, we believe our clients deserve direct contact with the professionals who implement their financial decisions.

Tailored Solutions

Mutual funds are examples of cookie-cutter solutions. They treat everyone in the fund exactly the same, even though there can be substantial differences in ages, goals, risk tolerances, circumstances, and investment horizons.

We believe our clients are better served when our advice is tailored to their particular situations. All investors are not the same. They can have significant differences in the advice that we provide to them.

Team of Professionals

In the past, you may have dealt with several professionals who did not communicate with each other. The result could have been conflicting or overlapping advice and duplicate fees. When this happened it was your responsibility to review their advice and select the ones that made the most sense.

At Prime Wealth, you have access to a team of professionals. You select the services you need to solve a problem or achieve a goal. You never pay for duplicate advice or services.

Real Risk Management

Many investors learn the importance of risk management after it is too late. The stock market crash of 2008 is a good example. Many investors lost 30% or 40% of the market value of their assets in a matter of months.

Prime Wealth believes disciplined risk management is a critical part of any retirement plan. If you don’t lose money, you don’t have to spend years winning back your losses. We help you manage risk and avoid common mistakes that undermine the achievement of your retirement goals.

Transparent Service

Do not under-estimate the importance of transparency. It is a big part of your relationship with a financial advisor.

At Prime Wealth, we believe transparency is the way we build trusting relationships with you. It is imperative you know our advice is always based on your best interests.

No Contracts

As a financial advisor, Prime Wealth does not require long-term contracts. We have month-to-month relationships with our clients because we are confident we can meet their expectations. You are not required to continue to use our services if we do not produce the types of results you are seeking.


We also provide unlimited access to our professionals so we are available when you need us. It may be as simple as a phone call or an email to get an answer to a question. But, know we are always there when you need to communicate with our professionals.

What is most important to you, is also most important to us.


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