Customized Wealth Solutions

Why Prime Wealth?

At Prime Wealth, we have a very specific mission:  Help you achieve your goal for a secure, comfortable retirement.

Most financial advisors provide retirement planning services to gain access to your retirement assets. That’s because they make most of their income when they sell you investment products.

Prime Wealth is different. We provide the five types of advice you need for a comfortable, secure retirement: Planning, Investing, Risk Management, Tax, and Legal. You select the services you need.

We believe all of these services should interact with each other so you get a comprehensive solution.

401k Plans

In previous generations, many Americans retired from companies that sponsored retirement plans that guaranteed a pension payment for life. This made planning for retirement pretty simple. The company pension plan plus social security provided the income our parents and grandparents needed to fund their cost of living.

That changed when those defined benefit plans were terminated and were replaced by 401k plans that did not guarantee pension payments for life. Instead, they distributed your assets when you retired and it was your responsibility to develop your own retirement plan for the rest of your life.

That is where we come in. Our specialists help you develop and execute a comprehensive retirement plan that is tailored to your particular needs, goals, and circumstances.

Three Phases

At Prime Wealth we believe there are three primary phases of your financial life that impact your retirement:

  • Working Years
  • Transition Years
  • Retirement Years

Prime Wealth is focused on your need for financial advice during your transition and retirement years.

Distribution Phase

During the retirement phase, one of our most popular services is the way we help you manage distributions that may have to last 30 or more years.

A lot has been written about longevity risk, but it is definitely rising and it creates a major risk for people who did not prepare for it earlier in life.

Perhaps you have already experienced this risk with a loved one who spent extended periods of time in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, or Memory Care. Imagine what these services will cost in 10, 20, or 30 years.

Coordinated Advice

At Prime Wealth, our advisors provide you with retirement, tax, and estate planning advice, plus risk management and legal advice, all from one team of professionals.

For example, if your financial and tax advisors do not coordinate their advice, you may be missing some significant opportunities to reduce your taxes.

The same is true for your estate planning and risk management strategies. Our tax code is full of opportunities, but most people don’t get their financial, tax, and insurance professionals together under one roof to find ways to save money.

At Prime Wealth, you benefit from coordinated advice that takes maximum advantage of opportunities to save you money.

This is what we do here at Prime Wealth.  We bring together professionals in investment, financial planning, taxes, and estate planning, to plan your retirement and distribution strategies.

Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to protecting your wealth and making it last.

Learn more about our unique, multi-disciplinary approach.  

Your Peace of Mind

There is nothing better than the calm, confident feeling that our clients experience when they rely on us during their transition and retirement years. It is our responsibility is to create and maintain that feeling of financial security.

It starts when we answer important questions that impact you:

  • Can I retire when I want to?
  • Can I afford my current lifestyle in retirement?
  • What happens to my monthly income if there’s another financial crisis?
  • How can I plan for increasing health costs as I age?
  • How can I preserve my legacy for my heirs?
  • How can I save on taxes this year and in the future?

We pride ourselves on providing specific answers so you can have peace of mind, for example, when you know you have a stable income in place for the rest of your life.

You Control the Process

At Prime Wealth, you control the process and we do the work. Think of it as outsourcing. You are outsourcing work to us that you do not have the time, interest, or training to do yourself.

We collaborate with you when we implement your plans. For example, you make all of the final decisions that impact your financial well-being during your transition and retirement years. 

Straight Talk

At Prime Wealth, we do not avoid the tough topics. You do not pay us to agree with you. You pay us to provide the best advice we can and tell you the truth. An agreeable advisor may be fun to play golf with, but you do not want the advisor providing bad advice just to be agreeable.

Full service, personalized attention to detail is what you can always expect from Prime Wealth Advisors.

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