Our Service Fees

A competitive fee for top quality financial advice.

At Prime Wealth, you compensate our team of professionals the same way you compensate any other professionals you depend on for specialized knowledge and advice. That professional could be a financial planner, investment advisor, tax accountant, or estate planning attorney.

Full Disclosure

You have seen this promise on other pages on this website. We will always practice full transparency for our services. You will know the fee before we initiate the service.

Unlimited Support

The clock starts ticking when you hire an attorney or CPA. You pay for every minute of their time even if you just have a simple question. Not at Prime Wealth, we want you to feel free to ask questions without worrying about the clock. Client communication is part of our service so we include unlimited support for no additional fee as one of our services. Contact us at any time. You will not be billed for the time we spend with you.

Pay for What You Need

Our one-stop-shop allows you to obtain retirement planning, investment, tax, and legal advice from a single source.  But, this does not mean you need all of Prime Wealth’s services. You may already have an accountant or attorney.

At Prime Wealth, you’ll only pay for the services we provide for you.  You do not pay for any duplicate or unnecessary services.

No Contracts

At Prime Wealth, we do not believe in contractual obligations. Instead, we believe in meeting expectations for service and value. Our relationship with you is month-to-month. There is no time commitment.  We have to deliver value to retain the relationship.

Fee Schedules

We do not publish fee schedules because our fees vary by client. However, we will provide a written proposal before you hire us and the proposal will document the applicable service fee.

We will review our fee(s) with you prior to providing any financial advice or services.

There may be more than one fee – for example for planning, investment, and tax advice. When we quote you a fee, we will include the detail so it is easy to understand.

At Prime Wealth, you’ll only pay for the services you select.


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