How Reliable is Your Current Retirement Plan?

Three Phases of Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is part of the foundation of your financial life. It is the roadmap that will guide your decisions as you transition from one phase to the next. In the absence of an effective plan, you risk making decisions that undermine the achievement of your financial goals. As a matter of fact that occurs because you do not have a clear strategy for achieving your goals.

If you are like most Americans, when you retire, you take on the responsibility of managing your financial future. Based on rising longevity this future could last 30 or more years. Consequently, the decisions you make when you transition from working to retirement will have a major impact on your financial security later in life.

It is critical that you put the right retirement in place as soon as possible. You cannot retrieve lost years and bad planning can have catastrophic consequences.

For these reasons, Prime Wealth believes you should pay more attention to retirement planning and in particular to distribution planning. If you haven’t had the success you expected, we have the tools to help you chart a better course. Get that right early in retirement and it is more likely that the money will be there late in life when you need it the most.

Our Three-Phase Approach

We help you plan your retirement and invest your assets.

It stands to reason the sooner you put a plan in place, the higher the probability the assets will be there later in life.

That is why we have a three-phase planning approach. You want a seamless transition from one phase to the next. If the transition is not seamless you run the risk of excess expense, tax liability, and stress.

The three phases of retirement include:

  • Pre-Retirement
  • Transition
  • Post-Retirement

Our starting point is based on your particular circumstance. You could be late in your working years, in transition, or already retired. Our retirement planning process can be adapted to your particular situation.

At Prime Wealth, our planning focuses on longevity (since we are living longer lives).

Basically, planning is a process that is impacted by change. That is why we will stress-test your plans to make sure we address the “what ifs” that life can throw your way. The end result is an evolving plan that helps you feel confident about your future.

Why Prime Wealth?

We are unique in our ability to produce a retirement plan that includes all five of the wealth management services:

  • Planning is the top of the list because it is part of your foundation
  • Assets must be invested to produce income
  • Specific risks must be addressed in the plan
  • A strategy for minimizing taxes is important
  • Estate planning should be incorporated into your retirement plan

Integrated Tax Planning

The current tax code is complicated and tough to navigate. It takes specialized tax expertise to find opportunities to reduce your tax burden. At any rate, that is why Prime Wealth integrates tax planning into all of our retirement plans. The less you pay in tax the more money you will have for your future use.

At Prime Wealth, the professionals providing retirement and tax services work together to produce an optimal solution. Their interaction can save you money by incorporating tax strategies into your retirement plan.

Our Comprehensive Planning Services

Our planning advice and services are not limited to your retirement plan. We provide a comprehensive menu of services for a number of financial planning issues:

  • Retirement income planning
  • Health care funding plan
  • Advice on 401(k) plans and rollovers
  • Self-directed IRA strategies
  • Insurance analysis and strategies
  • College funding plans
  • and more…..

At Prime Wealth, our team works together to help you identify and take advantage of tax-smart strategies.

Are You Retirement Ready?

Get our complimentary retirement check-up to review the current health of your retirement plan.