Why We Started Prime Wealth Advisors

Our Background

We built our firm to help people like you achieve a comfortable, secure retirement.

Comfortable means you live the way you want to and never compromise on your desired standard of living.

Secure means you never run out of money in your lifetime.

How do you make that happen? You make a smart, informed decision when you select a financial advisor. There is no room for error when your financial future is at stake.


We place paramount importance on our ability to provide independent advice that is in our clients’ best interests.

True independence means we can provide open architected solutions that are based on best practices.

A Better Way

Prime Wealth was part of an industry that sold financial products for commissions. Any advice was secondary to the sales process that was designed to maximize the revenues of the companies that sponsored the products.

We parted ways with that business model many years ago.

We did not want to be told what to recommend to our clients by companies that had no knowledge of our clients’ situations, concerns, or aspirations.

Teams of Professionals

We believe in a dedicated team of professionals that has the collective expertise our clients need to achieve their financial goals.

We chose to build a team of specialists because no one individual can be an expert in all of the primary disciplines that impact the accumulation, preservation, and distribution of wealth: Planning, Investing, Risk, Tax, and Legal.

Turnkey Solutions

We know the different types of wealth management services interact with each other. For example, tax planning impacts your financial plan.

We believe a team of professionals, working together, delivers superior advice for lower fees. No more conflicting advice from professionals who work separately. And, no duplicate fees for overlapping advice and services.

The Right Credentials

How do you measure the expertise of financial advisors? One way is to review their credentials, for example, certifications and designations that may take years to acquire.

That is why the professionals at Prime Wealth have industry-leading certifications, designations, and degrees that cover the spectrum of financial advice and services:

  • Certified Financial Planner®
  • Certified Public Accountant®
  • Chartered Financial Consultant®
  • Chartered Life Underwriter®
  • Estate Planning Attorney
  • MBA (Finance)

The Right Experience

More importantly, you want professionals who have experience helping people like you.  You don’t want to be part of an advisor’s learning curve that is based on trial and error.

Our team has helped our clients navigate retirement issues in a variety of economic climates and market cycles.  We’ve also helped our clients succeed despite record low-interest rates, a global financial crisis, and other events that impacted their financial well-being.

We put that experience to work for you every day to make sure your assets will be there when you need them.

Our team of financial specialists has been working together helping individuals and families well over 20 years.

Are you ready for retirement?

Our free, no obligation retirement check-up provides the answer.