Financial Peace of Mind is Priceless

Our Promise to You

We call it the pillow test. There should be nothing happening in your financial life that keeps you awake at night. That is our job and we take it very seriously.

We believe it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from Prime Wealth. This is our promise to you.

Complete Transparency

We will always practice complete and open transparency. And, just as important, we will volunteer the information so you do not have to ask the right questions to get the information you need to make the right financial decisions.

Accurate Information

Prime Wealth professionals will never omit information or provide misleading information. We build trust by always telling you the truth even if it is information you would rather not hear.

Objective Advice

We will always provide objective advice that is based on your particular goals, concerns, circumstances, and priorities. This is not a grey area at Prime. It is black and white like objectivity and subjectivity.

Dedicated Advisor

Prime will provide a dedicated financial advisor who coordinates the activities of the team for you. This advisor can be your single point of contact at Prime or you can interact with the other members of the team. The choice is yours.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our systems can generate a lot of data. Some of the information may be new to you. Never fear. The role of your dedicated Prime financial advisor is to provide the narrative that gives meaning to the data. At the end of the day, it is all about what happened and why.

Discretionary Authority

We do not require our clients to give Prime control over trading authority. Trading authority allows Prime to make decisions without our clients’ approval in advance. We believe our clients should always approve of our recommendations before they are implemented. 

A Brand Name Custodian

We are independent financial advisors. Consequently, we do not take physical possession of your assets. That is the role of the custodian.

Prime has partnered with Pershing*, one of the largest custodians in the world:

  • Pershing is owned by the BNY Mellon
  • More than 80 years of experience
  • Manages or administers more than $1.7 trillion of assets (global)
  • Net capital exceeds $2 billion


You can learn more about Pershing and BNY Mellon here.

Your success is our success.


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