Managing Tax Consequences for You!

Tax Advice and Services

Avoiding taxes is illegal. Minimizing taxes is perfectly legal.

The more you minimize taxes, the more income and assets you will have for your personal use.

Managing your tax liability is a major part of Prime Wealth’s planning and implementation processes.

We specialize in trust and individual retiree tax returns.

Missed Opportunity

Most advisors will discuss your tax situation, but they do not prepare your tax return or meet with your accountant on a regularly scheduled basis. The net result, you are probably paying more taxes than you have to.

The Prime Wealth Alternative

That is why Prime Wealth provides a full range of tax services that are designed to increase your after-tax returns and income. In fact, we provide tax advice, planning, and preparation services for families, businesses, and trusts.


Life is simpler when one firm is producing your retirement plan, managing your assets, and producing your tax returns. All of your documents are centralized in one safe and secure location and the professionals who do the work are communicating with each other for maximum efficiency.

Tax Preparation Fees

There is a good chance we can save you money on your tax preparation fees. This happens because we have established lines of communication that allow us to securely pass your financial data only to your chosen team of professionals.  We can charge a flat fee or an hourly fee for our tax planning and preparation services. You select the compensation arrangement you are most comfortable with.  Our tax preparation fees start at $150 per hour.

At Prime Wealth, we provide full tax support, so you can take advantage of tax-saving opportunities.

Are you paying too much tax?

Our comprehensive tax planning service will minimize your tax exposure.