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Your retirement plan provides a comfortable, secure lifestyle during retirement years for you and your spouse.

What happens after you and your spouse are no longer here?

Do you have an estate plan in place that will distribute your remaining assets based on your wishes?

You do not want the courts to determine who gets which assets. You should control these decisions.

You want an estate plan that minimizes taxes and facilitates the distribution of your assets.

Where Do Your Assets Go?

There are several places your assets can go after the demise of the surviving spouse.  Some of them may include:

  • Your heirs
  • Charitable organizations
  • U.S. Treasury

At Prime Wealth our clients maximize the assets going to heirs and charity and minimize the percentage of their assets that go to the U.S. Treasury.

It is About Control

Your Prime Wealth Estate Plan is all about control. Who are the beneficiaries of your estate?

A well-thought-out estate plan will provide a smooth transition from one generation to the next.

Since life spans are unpredictable, we believe you should make your estate plan part of your retirement plan.

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    Integrated Planning

    Most financial advisors will refer you to an outside attorney for the development of your estate plan. They may or may not be in communication with the attorney. This means their knowledge of your financial situation is not transferred to the attorney who has to start from scratch.

    Not at Prime Wealth. Our planners, accountants, and estate planning attorneys work together to produce an estate plan that meets your exact requirements. We know estate planning, like tax planning, is part of the bigger picture that protects your interests during your retirement years and makes the cost-effective transfer of assets to heirs and charities when you are no longer here.

    Not only is the planning done by the team, but so is the implementation, so you can rest assured that your plan is followed through to successful completion.

    Our Wealth Management Advantage

    Many financial advisors, especially those at Wall Street firms, don’t get involved with your taxes. And, your accountant probably doesn’t talk to your retirement planner.  The result? Potential lost opportunities!

    That’s why we bring all these disciplines under one roof—so we can work efficiently to save you money and produce superior results:

    Estate Planning Reviews

    “This office is wonderful because everything is there together. These men and their staff are kind, courteous, gentle and a real joy to work with. I would recommend Prime Wealth Advisors to anyone who wants good, safe help with their financial needs.”

    “Starting as a client. Have met with Orion and staff and I like and feel good from what I see and hear. I am moving my investments from a large company, since I have seen losses for several months. I recommend sitting down with Prime Wealth Advisors and get a feel for yourselves.”

    “Orion shares unambiguous insights to market trends as well as; preparing us for day-to-day living in current times. His sources for predicting are global and we are benefitting greatly from his recommendations. It’s great being on the A Team.”

    We work synergistically to save you money and give you superior financial advice.


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