Your Transition Years (Working to Retirement)

Understanding Risk Zone Management

Our Challenge: Without coming across too negative we want to warn investors that their greatest financial risk occurs at or near the year they retire. For example, their assets peak during this time period and if they were invested in a 2010 Target Date Fund they would have lost 30% of their assets in the 2008 meltdown.

Our Strategy: Describe a risk zone investment process that reduces their exposure to the stock for the years immediately before and after their retirement dates.

Our Recommendations: Deliver the following information to investors who visit this page.

  • Introduction to risk zone management
  • Your assets peak at or near your retirement date
  • We help you lock-in the value of your assets so you can plan for retirement
  • We eliminate your risk of down years during this time period
  • We help you re-risk later in life if that is appropriate for your situation